Jack Mac Sax – Welcome to my Website!

Hello Internet!

I would like to warmly welcome any visitor to my newly designed website, courtesy of the guys at Grizzly Bear Design Ltd. so huge kudos to them on the fine work they’ve done! Thank you for visiting and please spend as much time browsing through the different pages.  There is plenty of stuff here to read, listen to or watch so enjoy yourselves! If you are in need of assistance, however, here is a brief breakdown of what this website covers –

  • Some background details about my history and influences
  • Information on the various different bands and outfits I have the pleasure of playing with
  • A large selection of photographs, courtesy of the Owen and Charis from O&C Photography (I highly recommend them!)
  • Links to various media sights like Soundcloud and YouTube if you wish to have a listen to some my music
  • My Calendar show information about upcoming events that I am performing in
  • Contact details if you wish to know more from me about performing, teaching or anything else you wish to ask

So there you have it, you have plenty of things to check out! So once again, thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay, however long it may be!  Be sure to come back and check this site out regularly for more updates on what gigs and other events I have going on. I am constantly up to new and exciting ventures all the time so you’ll always find something new here to interest you!

Jack Mac