Jack Mac’s Jazz Journal – New Beginnings

Jazz Journal – Day 1

Behold the first entry of what I have decided to name my ‘Jazz Journal’.   This series of entries will keep visitors up to date on recent goings in my professional life and what interesting things might be coming up!  So, with 2016 (finally) drawing to a close, it seems to be the ideal time to start this.  Now, let us begin;

Jazz Masters at RWCMD

It’s been a busy few months for me.  Back in September, I began my 2 year Jazz Masters course at the ‘Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama‘ in Cardiff.  Aside from the fact I’ll have gained the title of ‘Master of Jazz’ at the end of it, there is plenty I am looking to gain during my time here.

Primarily, I am looking to improve on my Jazz knowledge and understanding under the tutorage of professionals at the very top of the industry.   For example, I am having one on one lessons from saxophonists Alex Merritt, Iain Ballamy and Geoff Simkins, whom all have given me exceptional advice and tuition so far and for the foreseeable future.  I am also having lectures and masterclasses from many other professionals in the Jazz field, including Huw Warren and Steve Waterman, learning both practical and theoretical knowledge that will be beyond beneficial for future endeavours.

Moonshine at Lab22

Aside from that, I have been performing on a fairly regular basis with a whole variety of bands.  If you ever get the chance, check out Lab22 on a Monday night for their Moonshine Monday.  This is where you’ll find me tooting away on my saxophone with fellow musicians Matthew Poad and Iori Haugen in our Jazz trio, The Bandits.  Great cocktails and great music will be found here every week, so do come down and check it out!  Whoever said the weekend finished on a Monday?


Speaking of regulars, Bass12 began it’s new bi-monthly residency slot at Gwdihw in September.  We will be working with Wonderbrass on the newly started Gwdihw Brass Takeover Night.  This will be a monthly event at Gwdihw, on the second Friday of every Month.  There will be plenty of loud Brass and Horns to fulfil your funky pleasures.  So far the nights have been themed as a New Orleans Carnival and a Classic 80s night, both being resounding successes!  We’ll be back in full force in January for our next takeover, this time the theme being Brooklyn Brass.

The Jiveoholics

South Wales’ finest Jump’n’Jive had a great gig the other night at The Old Duke in Bristol. Great Live Music venue if you get the chance to visit, and the crowd were as wild as ever! The Jiveoholics will be back there soon enough, as well as a few other places after the new year!

Jack Mac’s New Horizons

So with the past few months being fairly hectic, a relaxing Christmas break is in order! However, it’s also time to prepare for the new year, and new year’s mean new horizons!  This New Year’s Eve I’ll have the pleasure of performing (and partying) with the fantastic Will Blake Band!  A few days later I’ll also be having the honour of supporting the amazing Nat Osborn in Gwdihw! (I promise, I do play in other places than just Gwdihw, great venue it is!)  For this I’ll be debuting one of the new groups I am setting up, but more on that another time.  If you’re free, come down on the 3rd January to Gwdihw, it’s going to be a great gig!

So that’s all for now, but keep an eye out for more entries! The life of a musician is an interesting one so there’ll no doubt be more things happening very soon! Till then, ta ta for now.